Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pick up my “share”?

The CSA Your Way Program allows you to shop when you want to shop (no scheduled days)!  You can purchase as much or as little produce as you would like at each visit to the farm! The choice is yours – 100%!

How much does the CSA cost?

Before May 1st (receive an additional 15%):
Single/Senior $280.00 you receive a prepaid CSA card for $322.00
Small $380.00 you receive a prepaid CSA card for $437.00
Large $530.00 you receive a prepaid CSA card for $609.50

May 1 – June 15 (receive an additional 10%):
Single/Senior $280.00 you receive a prepaid CSA card for $308.00
Small $380.00 you receive a prepaid CSA card for $418.00
Large $530.00 you receive a prepaid CSA card for $583.00

What size share should I get?

  • The senior/single share is perfect for very small household.
  • The small share is good for one or two people who eat a lot of veggies and fruit, or for a small family.
  • The large share is good for a larger household. Many people also split the large share between two families.

How does the CSA Your Way Card work?

You will use the card to “purchase” all of your farm fresh fruit and vegetables during the 2016 season.  It can be used all season, on all produce that is sold on our farm stands! Even all PYO Berries!  It can be used at either of our TWO convenient locations.  So if you normally shop at Essex, but find yourself at our Colchester location you can use it there too!

Can we have multiple cards per share?

Absolutely!  We can tailor the program to meet your needs.  If you want a certain amount allotted for a spouse – we can issue 2 cards!  If you are splitting a share with another family, we can split the amount on two cards and you both can shop when you want to shop.  If you are interested in multiple cards, just let us know when you are signing up for the share!  It is all about convenience!

Will I know what is in season?

Every Sunday night we will send out a newsletter which will include any new fruit or veggies that are in season or an approx. day it will be coming in, any specials for the week, and a new recipe to try!

Is there a chance that the CSA will get canceled due to flooding?

We do have fields right on the Winooski river that sometimes flood, but we also have many other fields on higher ground that don’t. So even if this coming year is as bad as 2011 — which is unlikely! — we should be fine.

Is Paul Mazza’s an organic farm?

We are not certified organic. We are an IPM (“Integrated Pest Management”) farm, which means we use chemicals for pest control only when necessary, and when other measures have failed. We also use many sustainable farming practices such as crop rotation and cover crops. We are also GAP certified, which means that we follow “Good Agricultural Practices” to help keep our customers  safe from food bourne illnesses.

What happens if I do not use the balance on the card in 2016?

We do prefer that the card balance be used during the same season it is issued – but we also understand life gets busy!  The remaining balance on the card will carry over to the following year.  It does follow the same rules as a gift card.  So it is NOT a “use it or lose it” card.  The balance will be carried over!

How do I sign up?

All you have to do to sign up is send an e-mail to You will then receive sign-up info and a sign-up form via e-mail.

Why can’t I pay online?

PayPal is convenient, safe, and easy to use. It’s also quite expensive (for the vendor). We would rather charge less for the CSA  and go the old-fashioned route.

What if I can’t pay all at once?

If you can’t pay in full, please e-mail Stacey at Usually some sort of payment plan can be worked out.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please feel free to e-mail us at

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